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From time to time we have a special release. Maybe an original, an exclusive or a title we helped out on during production.

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Some of these titles are available as a premium release (early release), others rental only (brand new). Most will eventually be available within our subscription but this could be between 3 and 6 months. Some are future projects we're currently supporting. Click through for more details on each title.

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Love Me Lex

webseries | Australia | 2023

Dir. Sanja Katich

Looking for love in your 40s is not easy when the lesbian dating pool is more like a muddy puddle! School teacher Lex reluctantly takes a foray into the world of dating and surprisingly finds there is more than one person vying for her attention!

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The Sibling Rule

Feature | USA | 2023

Dir. Mari SanGiovanno

Suzanne has a well-buried secret. When she runs into her childhood estranged best friend, Valerie, she discovers their daughters have also become best friends. Both women fear how their divorces have effected their children, and when Suzanne discovers the kids can no longer stay in the same school together, she wants to stop her daughter from having one more loss.

When Suzanne finds out the school has a “Sibling Rule” which guarantees that siblings can attend the same school even if there is no space for them, Suzanne impulsively asks Valerie to marry her. All goes well at first… until the fake marriage begins to feel a bit too real.

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coming 1 December 2023

Serpentine Pink

Feature | USA | 2023

Dir. Vivian Sorenson

In the wild west of California’s Joshua Tree desert, a solitary biker woman and her dancer lover have to find a way to heal from the wounds of their violent, visceral passion after a brutal night brings to surface their past traumas. They seek help from an ethereal psychic and her aspiring healer companion, and they converge with supernatural forces to confront and then heal the women’s deep-rooted personal pain, long-plagued by the toxicity of possessive love.

Championing underrepresented voices both in front of and behind the camera, this film taps into sustainable and innovative filmmaking to immerse viewers into a surreal journey that provokes the senses and entices emotion.

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Sacred Vision

Feature | USA | 2023

Dir. Brimo Morales

Sacred Vision is a thriller that follows Galen Lopez years after their mother's tragic death, and weeks after a traumatic breakup. On social media and for clients, Galen puts on a happy go lucky facade, while inside they're doing their best to piece their life back together. Encouraged by their loving coven mother to stop their antidepressants in order to connect more with the spiritual realm, Galen begins having visions of the future. Not her future, crimes that are about to happen. Everything comes to a head when Galen sees their ex girlfriend Katelyn being attacked. Will they be able to stop it from happening? Or will they see it too late?

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From A to Q

Short | UK | 2022

Dir. Emmalie El Fadli

Alex wakes from a dream where she's intimate with Kayla. Only problem is; Kayla happens to be Alex's best friend and Alex has never been with a girl before... She must now navigate through new feelings, while trying not to mess up a lifelong friendship.

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Rain Beau's End

Feature | USA | 2021

Dir. Tracy Wren

When a prominent, progressive lesbian couple adopts a child mislabelled with a genetic predisposition for violence, they must face the ghosts of their past and contend with their hard-lined stance on acceptance.

Will they stand for their values while trying to raise a loving family in the spotlight?

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Rent this title as a one-off 72 hour rental for £2.99; or watch along with over 280 other titles as part of your Lesflicks subscription

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the sister brand to Lesflicks, investing in authentic sapphic stories

SapphicIFF is an ambitious collaboration between Lesflicks and Infinite Pies Productions to bring together investors and filmmakers.

SapphicIFF aims to help get more sapphic stories made by helping investors identify and become involved with up and coming and ongoing film and web-series projects. SIFF envisions a quiet revolution in the financing of minority-led projects. Rather than content creators relying on self-financing, crowdfunding, or uncertain direct private investment to make shoestring films, we want to establish a mechanism to bring investment to the space in a more structured, reliable way that enables larger budget projects.

Visit SapphicIFF today to find out more

Lesflicks is a proud member of Sapphic Utopia

Sapphic Utopia was borne out of the realisation that sapphic women are disconnected and disparate; yet also hugely connected in pockets.

New entrepreneurs and independent authors, creators and businesses start every year but struggle to reach their audiencce, and struggle to get funding because sapphic is seen as “niche”.

The reality is that a minimum of 11 million women worldwide are over 16 and do not identify as heterosexual. Obviously due to not being out for a variety of reasons, this number is also likely to be significantly under the reality. But where are we all? How do we identify and connect with each other?

Sapphic Utopia aims to bring together likeminded organisations to more easily share resources and work together to reach this important audience.