Benefits of subscriptions and rentals, as well as details of what you can access where, and what apps are available. All on one page - scroll down and be enlightened!

Ways to watch

Lesflicks offers you the choice of signing up to a monthly subscription or membership, or renting individual titles

WATCH Subscription

£8.99 per month

You get access to all titles available under subscription in your country. You also contribute to paying the filmmakers every month as 50% of your subscription goes straight to the creators

WATCH+ & VIP Subscriptions

£12.99-£15.99 per month

All the benefits of a subscription; plus you can get free virtual festival passes (Lesflicks WATCH+) and the option to gift a subscription to someone less fortunate (VIP)

Pay as you go

£2.99-£9.99 per title

This offers you the flexibility to just pay for what you watch. You can buy premium content, rent individual titles and purchase virtual festival passes - when it suits you.

Supporter Subscription

£1.99 per month

This is perfect if you don't have time to watch, but want to stay connected, and want to show a paying, supportive audience for lesbian & bisexual films.

Prices are in GBP at the checkout, however will be charged by your payment provider in your local currency.

  • Exclusive Premium Early Release GBP £6.99-£9.99 / AU$13.27-AU$19.32 / €8.27-€11.69 EUR / US$8.83-US$12.79*

  • Short Rental £2.99 GBP / AU$5.78 / €3.50 EUR / US$3.83*

  • Feature Rental GBP £5.99 / AU$11.42 / €7.08 EUR / US$7.60*

  • Subscription GBP £8.99-£15.99 / AU$17.05-AU$30.32 / €10.61 EUR-€18.87 EUR / US$11.37-US$20.21*

* Non-GBP prices are based on conversation rates from GBP £ as of 26 June 2024 as Lesflicks is a UK-run platform. Local prices may vary depending on location and conversion rate at the time of transaction. Check out conversion rates at 

How to watch Lesflicks

There are lots of ways to watch Lesflicks (online or downloaded to apps to watch offline) - so no matter where you are, and what device or internet connection you have access to - we're here for you with an option!

Watch on your computer, tablet or phone using a web browser

If you do not have a streaming device such as Roku, Firestick or a Smart TV then fear not, because you can always access our full catalogue using your smartphone, tablet or computer directly through our platform at

To get full screen video, simply hit the two arrows on the bottom right corner of the video to enter fullscreen mode.

To pop out the player so you can watch whilst browsing the internet (yes we know some of you do that!), hit the square with a square inside it on the bottom right corner of the video and you can visit other windows and the player will stay on top!

Watch via Roku, Amazon Fire Stick, Apple TV or our own Lesflicks app

Lesflicks has a variety of apps available. You can watch on your TV through these apps:

Smart TV - Chromecast and Airplay

Google Chrome

Click the Google Cast icon to the right of the address bar on Google Chrome and select your Chromecast from the list. Your tab should now appear on your TV. If you do not have the extension to add the Chromecast icon to your computer, you can download it. Click here for further details on streaming via Chromecast.


While watching a video on your Mac, iPhone or iPad while in Safari, simply click the AirPlay icon on the top, right hand side of the video. Click here for further details on streaming via AirPlay.

No smart TV - connect your Android device to your TV

You can push video from most Android devices to an HDTV or 4K set through Mobile High-Definition Link, or MHL. To check that your TV can accept the feed, first look for an MHL logo above one of the HDMI ports on the back of your TV set.

In most cases, if you have an HDTV with MHL built in, all you need is a micro USB-to-HDMI cable that plugs into the port on your mobile device and into the MHL-enabled HDMI input on the TV. Many newer Android phones use the reversible USB Type-C port, but similar cables are available for those phones.

Samsung Galaxy users: some Samsung Galaxy devices require a special cable to connect to an MHL TV.

The MHL Consortium publishes a partial list of MHL-supported devices on its website ( If you don't see your mobile device listed, check with the manufacturer. The latest version of MHL supports 4K video, which new phones from the likes of LG also now support.

HDMI ports on older TVs don't support MHL, so you'll need an MHL-to-HDMI adapter to supply the power.

Google Nexus/LG/Amazon Fire users: Some Google Nexus and LG G-series phones and tablets and all Amazon Fire devices make use of a competing technology called SlimPort. The benefit is that SlimPort doesn't require additional power. To hook up a SlimPort system to a TV, simply purchase a SlimPort-to-HDMI adapter. Then, attach the SlimPort cable to your phone and the HDMI end to your TV, just as you would with an MHL device.

No smart TV - connect your iPhone/iPad to your TV

For Apple devices you need a Lightning digital AV adapter. This is essentially an HDMI adapter for your iOS device: On one end, there's a Lightning plug (or 30-pin adapter for older devices), and on the other end is an HDMI port. Use any HDMI cable to go from the adapter to your TV's HDMI port.

The Lightning adapters can handle 1080p video, and they work with all iPhones, iPads and iPod touches that have the Lightning port. The 30-pin digital AV adapter requires an iPhone 4, iPad 2 second generation or iPod touch fourth generation or later.

No smart TV or mobile device - use an HDMI cable from your computer or laptop!

If you do not have a streaming device or smart TV and you would like to watch Lesflicks on your big screen television or projected onto a lovely big wall, here's how:

Connect to a PC or a Mac to TV:

The cable you'll use to connect a PC or Mac to a larger display will depend on the display output on your computer or laptop. Many newer PCs and Macs have an HDMI port, so a regular HDMI cable might do the trick. Smaller laptops and tablets sometimes have a smaller HDMI port, called mini HDMI, or an even smaller jack, known as a micro HDMI.

Note for Mac users: Macs built after late 2009 can use the HDMI cable for both audio and video. For Macs built before late 2009, you will need to use the computer speakers, the headphones or a separate cable from the headphone jack to the TV.

Taking Lesflicks with you on holiday and unlocking new content!

🌍 Content available to stream on Lesflicks changes depending on which country you're streaming from🌍

With a Lesflicks subscription, you can access all the content available in the region you are located in (so if you sign in from the UK, you can watch all content available in the UK). If you go on holiday or travel overseas, the content available to you may be different (so if you travel to the US some titles may not be available, but others may become available).

If you use a VPN for safety or security (eg. to hide your location and keep yourself safe), the VPN location will impact what titles are available. 

Below is a list of all titles available on Lesflicks, how you can access and where. To scroll down this table place your mouse outside of the table and scroll down. Alternatively you can access this list here: content we have available to stream worldwide is here.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often do you add new content?

We are building up our content every month. Because we are running this platform as a social enterprise that supports future film and LBQ filmmakers, we are committing to steadily building the content. The more subscribers we have, the more content we will add. This encourages members to spread the word and tell their friends. We need your help to spread the word because it is difficult to get press coverage as lesbian and bisexual women are not supported by most LGBT or mainstream press as we are seen as too niche or not popular enough.

Where does my subscription fee go?

Lesflicks runs as a social enterprise and we are keen to be transparent and open. As such we want you to know exactly where your money is going.

We price fairly so you get lots of content for a small monthly fee and the distributors and creators get paid for their work.

  • 50% goes straight back to the content owners in royalties

  • 30% goes on running the platform (licenses, platform costs)

  • 20% is used for marketing and administration

If a title is available elsewhere online for less or free, why should I watch it through Lesflicks?

We need to support the sapphic film industry and authentic queer content creators as funding is lacking and filmmakers are often told there is no audience for lesbian and bisexual films. By subscribing to Lesflicks and paying you are directly supporting the filmmakers of the existing films on this platform, and also future filmmakers through the Lesflicks grants fund. We do not recommend the use of illegal sites and VPNs to watch any lesbian content. All this does is decrease viewing numbers of lesbian films in your country and further increases the perception of a lack of an audience. All viewing numbers through illegal download sites and VPNs do not count towards viewing numbers in your country which only means that less films are likely to get distribution in the future because there is not a visible audience available.

Why are some titles only available to rent on Lesflicks?

The access that we are able to provide these films in is determined by the distributor or film owner. They will decide on the different ways the film can be provided to you on Lesflicks.

Some titles may be new and still in their TVOD/rental window. Others the distributor only had TVOD/rental rights available.

There is also a hierarchy to release. Films are released first theatrically, then as rentals and then to subscription. Finally they get distributed to advertising platforms for free. There are four access types (Lesflicks runs on PVOD, TVOD and SVOD):

  • PVOD (premium video on demand) which allows a rental for a period of 24 hours for a premium fee in the first 2 weeks or release.

  • TVOD (transaction video on demand) which allows a rental for a period of 3-5 days where you can watch one title as many times as you like within that period of time.

  • SVOD (subscription video on demand) which allows you to pay a fixed monthly fee to watch as much content as you like during the subscription period.

  • EST (electronic sell-through) which allows you to pay a fee to download a media file that you can keep on a hard drive. Like purchasing a digital DVD.

  • FAST (free ad-supported television)/AVOD (ad-supported video on demand)/FVOD (Free video on demand) which gives you free access to watch a title but with advertising before, during and after.

What countries can I watch from?

Lesflicks is  run out of the UK, however it is a global platform. Most of our independent content is not restricted to a certain jurisdiction and so can be viewed from anywhere in the world.

As we bring in more content that comes from distributors, these may be available in limited regions which is decided by the person who has the rights. Most film rights are sold to different distributors in different regions. You will be able to browse the full collection, but where a film is not available in your region, you will see a note advising you that the content is unavailable in your region.

We are keen to link up with women in Europe, Australia, New Zealand and everywhere else around the world to get distribution rights in these locations so if you would like to join our team and help us fast track the access in your area please get in touch!

Why aren't new films that are showing at film festivals on the platform?

Whilst films are on the film festival circuit they are often restricted from being included on platforms. We are keen to ensure that filmmakers get the biggest platform possible and playing at festivals is an important part of that. We won’t take on films that are still on the festival circuit, although we are collating a list of future content so that we can revert back to the filmmaker once that festival circuit is complete. Depending on the film, it may be on the festival circuit anywhere from six months to two years.

Why is there a VAT/GST/Tax Charge?

The EU made some changes recently that means that the US platform we are using must issue tax separately to the listed price and list the fees net of tax. This means although we list the subscription price, when you to go pay you see the gross price including your local tax.

Local taxes: