Two women fake a marriage in order to take advantage of the Sibling Rule, which will keep their kids in the same school, but complications arise when the marriage becomes real.

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Mari SanGiovanni

Mari SanGiovanni is a multiple award-winning filmmaker and published author of 4 novels and several screenplays. A graduate of Rhode Island School of Design with a BFA in illustration, and is also a painter, sculptor and a Divisional Manager of Product Development for a global retailer.

This is Mari’s first film, and she has several other novels and film projects in the works.

Mari’s passion is writing stories which can be enjoyed by all who love romantic comedies, but especially the LGBTQ+ community. Her future goal is to produce a series based on her trilogy of novels: Greetings From Jamaica Wish You Were Queer, Camptown Ladies, and 80% Done With Straight Girls.

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The Sibling Rule

Suzanne has a well-buried secret. When she runs into her childhood estranged best friend, Valerie, she discovers their daughters have also become best friends. Both women fear how their divorces have effected their children, and when Suzanne discovers the kids can no longer stay in the same school together, she wants to stop her daughter from having one more loss.

When Suzanne finds out the school has a “Sibling Rule” which guarantees that siblings can attend the same school even if there is no space for them, Suzanne impulsively asks Valerie to marry her. All goes well at first… until the fake marriage begins to feel a bit too real.



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