​Lesflicks CHICKflicks is a subscription that is available for newer members of our community including those exploring for the first time or allies who want to better understand sapphic people.

Suitable for those aged 12-16 and allies

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What you get

Lesflicks CHICKflicks subscription includes: 

- download content on the go to watch offline anytime without data/wifi

- favourite content you love for easy access

- create your own playlists

- pop-out player

- referral scheme - earn free months when you share/recommend Lesflicks (a great way to make friends!)

- gift subscriptions or vouchers to others

- subtitles on many titles (we aim to add subtitles as often as possible, particularly on demand)

- available on the web and via AppleTV, Roku, Amazon Fire, Android TV, Google Play and Apple Appstore

After a father reached out seeking content safe for his newly-out 13 year old daughter to watch, we put our heads together and launched Chickflicks - because as an independent platform we have control over our content

Why a CHICKflicks Subscription?

We know that representation on mainstream TV can be problematic - often highly sexualised, dramatised or not representative. This subscription contains content that is more authentic, more realistic and hopefully can help make the community easier to understand.

It doesn't include everything, it is safe for under 16s and those who are just starting to explore the lesbian and bisexual community and want to know more.

Our CHICKflicks subscription is a gentle introduction to the world of sapphic content.

Curated content that is positive

The content in this subscription level is authentic, representative and positive.

Suitable for ages 12 to 16 and allies

This subscription does not contain adult content

Supporting people new to the world LGBTQ+

For those who want to better understand sapphic people. We know that representation on mainstream TV can be problematic - often highly sexualised, dramatised or not representative. We provide a more honest and authentic selection of stories.

Supporting parents of LGBTQ+ children

Parents of LGBTQ+ children may want to better understand the community. Watching content made by and for LGBTQ+ people is a great way to learn.


Please note that although we have separated out the subscription, we cannot prevent users from changing their subscription to a different level so please ensure you communicate with your child and monitor their account.


Just £6.99* a month

*or equivalent local currency

Try a CHICKflicks subscription

7 March 2021

Amazing app! Very helpful navigation and super cute films 🎥



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Introducing the CHICKflicks subscription

Watch our trailer to see what Chickflicks is all about

Much needed app with a wide range of LBQ films. Really liked the short film section which has some creative and new content!



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