40-something and single. Can Lex find love in the tiny puddle that is the lesbian dating pool?

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Sanja Katich

Sanja Katich from Perth, Western Australia (WA). She identifies as lesbian, and her pronouns are she/her. She passionately believes that everyone deserves the opportunity to see themselves in stories that reflect who they are. Lesbian representation and visibility is at the forefront of all Sanja’s projects in her drive to represent her community such that they feel valued in their own narratives.

Sanja has previously been nominated for an Australian LGBTQ Award (2017) in the Best Journalist category for a series of feature articles she wrote for the magazines ‘Lesbians on the Loose’ (Australia), Curve (USA) and Diva (UK).

It is in her drive to bring lesbian stories to the screen that ‘Love Me Lex’ was born.

Love Me Lex

Looking for love in your 40s is not easy when the lesbian dating pool is more like a muddy puddle!

School teacher Lex Adamson (Sarah Light) is a teacher, a mother, a sister and a friend; but one thing she doesn’t have in her life is that special someone. Finally, she’s ready to put herself out there, but she soon finds that dating in the modern world is tough – especially as a 40-something lesbian. Then Lex meets the perfect woman in ’off-limits’ Kat (Deanna Cooney). Just as Lex starts to develop feelings for her, her ex, Miranda (Susan Stevenson), comes back to town and she’s determined to win Lex back.  

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