Virtual Theatrical Releases

We are a streaming platform; films come to digital after their film festival and theatrical releases. Lesbian & bisexual films have been getting smaller and smaller theatrical releases in physical venues; however there has been a new model recently, the virtual theatrical release. Similar to Disney charging £15-20 for their new films in the first few weeks, a virtual theatrical release is a limited period where you can see the film first. You pay a higher price than when it will be released digitally, as you're seeing it straight away.

Lesflicks is proud to support, and promote virtual theatrical releases as ticket sales show there is an appetite, desire and paying audience for films with lesbian & bisexual characters and stories.

We are supporting the following virtual theatrical releases. By watching these films through these links, you support the film and Lesflicks also receives a small referral fee so you also support Lesflicks!

The 8th | UK & Ireland

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Ahead of the Curve | UK & Ireland, USA, Australia, New Zealand

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